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Letter from our President, Sally Trautner

Hello Dear Ladies,


It is an honor to serve this amazing charity as President. And…what a legacy Creative Women of Pinnacle Peak has. CWPP was Created in 1991 by four heart centered women who wanted to give back to those less fortunate. Since then, we have raised nearly 3 million dollars to help women and children at risk.


In late 2021, we made the decision to focus the direction of CWPP on women and children who are victims of Human Trafficking. This truly is one of the most heinous of crimes against humanity not only in the US. but worldwide. Phoenix is the second largest hub in the country for sex trafficking. Children are sold on everyday websites such as and


After careful research, we made the decision to donate all funds raised to the Phoenix Dream Center, a residential 60 bed rehabilitation facility based right here in Phoenix, AZ. The Board members took a tour of the center and all of us were extremely impressed with their program and the success rate of survivors who have gone through their program. Not one of us came away from that experience with a dry eye. Take a look at what they do at,


With this new direction, we found that people opened their hearts to this cause. We have grown in membership with this new direction and are actively looking for new members to join us.


We invite you to join us at one of our monthly events. Get to know our members and if this calls to you, open your hearts and join us on this very worthwhile quest. Together we can make a difference in the lives of the victims of trafficking and help give them their lives back.


“Philanthropy Through Friendship” is our motto!


Sally Trautner


Creative Women of Pinnacle Peak

Scottsdale, AZ

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