Letter from our President, Brenda Double

I am proud to be a member of Creative Women of Pinnacle Peak (CWPP), and am honored to be elected President for 2018/2019. With the help and support of my Board members and fellow club members, I am prepared and will do my best to meet the challenge and continue to grow our organization so that we may help those in need. Our club has been built on a strong leadership foundation which supports our many charities and I am fortunate to have a membership that is fully committed to our mission statement which is to, “support charities while providing a forum in which its’ members share ideas, talents, and friendship.”

I would like to congratulate each of our 2018/2019 Board of Directors and invite each member to get acquainted with them. They have great energy, enthusiasm, and share in the commitment of those less fortunate. It is an honor to serve with you.


Let me take a moment to take this opportunity to thank the Immediate Past President, Renee Hodkinson who has been my friend and mentor for many years. Renee has provided her wisdom, and her talents in so many ways to show her support for me as her successor. I will depend on that continued support for the next two years. She and her Board brought our club into social media, developed the new website; central mailing for the club. We will continue to build and improve on what they started.


There are many women and children throughout the greater Phoenix, Scottsdale and metropolitan area that need us. Through our compassion and our ability to open our hearts to those in need, combined with our commitment to share our time, talent and treasures with those less fortunate.


We encourage all of our CWPP’s members to get involved, create new friendships, and strengthen our membership. We have many opportunities through our Happy Hours, Luncheons and our very successful Fundraisers. We encourage you to come to as many as you can and bring a friend. Remember “Philanthropy Through Friendship”.

Our focus for the year will include Membership Development, publicity, improving our social media, new projects and the Fundraiser that we are all looking forward to at Turf Paradise on April 27, 2019.

I welcome all ideas.


If you have any suggestions or concerns. I want to hear from you. My email:  bjdouble@aol.com



Brenda J. Double

© 2018 by Women of Pinnacle Peak.

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