Letter from our President, Sally Trautner

Hello Dear Ladies,

What a year it has been for Creative Women of Pinnacle Peak. For the first time in well over a year we were able to get together again in person, have fun at our Happy Hours, Luncheons and Fundraisers, and work together to raise money for those in need. As a Board, we made the decision instead of having a grant committee, we would put our focus on one charity and it came to our attention that human sex trafficking is one of the worst problems we have worldwide, in the United States and right here in our home state. After an extensive search for just the right charity, Renee Hodkinson found The Phoenix Dream Center. Renee Hodkinson, Renee Kriegel, Geri Wolf and I made an onsite visit for a tour of the Center and its facilities. After our 1 ½ hour tour, we knew we had found the right charity to donate to. You can find out all about them by visiting their website, https://phoenixdreamcenter.org/.

Our first event of our fiscal year last October, a brunch that featured an excellent appraiser raised over $1,000. Everyone had a great time bringing that special item and having him give an appraisal of the item including the history of many of the items. So many interesting items and fun to hear what he had to say about each of them. Renee Kriegel organized a fabulous brunch for us and it was a beautiful day at Troon.

Our Dinner/Happy Hour last December at Maria Nixon’s beautiful home was also a great success with just under 50 attendees. There was a great deal of interest from all who attended on Human Trafficking and the amazing work that our chosen charity, The Phoenix Dream Center is doing to rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking in a residential setting.

In February, we had a fabulous lunch at Capital Grill with Skye Steel, Co-Founder Human Trafficking Programs and Shauna Sexton, Program Director of the Human Trafficking Wing and Survivor. Their talks were powerful and emotional and there was not a dry eye in the packed room after they completed their talks.

The highlight of our year was our fundraiser, Casino Night at Troon Country Club. What a perfect night! Corporate Follies provided us with everything including dealers and staff to make our evening fun and exciting. Renee Kriegel did another fabulous job arranging food and drinks for everyone’s enjoyment at Troon Country Club. Food was served throughout the evening and drinks were plentiful. Everyone had a great time and enthusiastically stated that we needed to do it again. We all agree and have already planned another great Casino Night event at Troon Country Club that we are scheduling March 2023. We will announce the date as soon as it is secure, so watch for it so you can put it on your calendar for next year and tell your friends about it. We had 50 attendees this past March and everyone feels we can double that next March.

So…here is the most important thing. We have come together as a charity to create events that will enable us to raise funds to donate so that victims can have better lives. We are dedicated to a cause that is so vital and important, Human Trafficking and working together we can change the lives of the victims. The Board is excited to announce that because of the efforts of each one of you, we were able to donate $6,000 in Gift Cards ($100 per resident) with $3220 of those donations coming from members and guests who gave gift cards and $2,780 from cards purchased from our treasury. 

And, with the proceeds from our very successful Casino Night where we made in excess of $4,000, we were able to provide the Phoenix Dream center with Two Laptop and three Desktop Computers which they badly needed. We also found a vendor that sold the computers at their cost. The Phoenix Dream Center was thrilled and so were we.

We are planning an exciting year for our 2022/23 events and want to stress that to put these events on and make them successful takes the efforts of all the members plus the Board. We hope that you can decide “HOW” you can help out, not “IF”.

One of our goals is to increase membership substantially since the bigger the membership, the more robust the events and the more we raise and can donate. Working together we can make a huge difference in the lives of people who never thought they could get out of the dismal predicament.

I and the Board are looking forward to seeing you at The Vig for Happy Hour this coming Wednesday evening to celebrate our great year and getting our charity back to normal functioning.

Love and blessings to each of you.

Wishing you all a Glorious Spring/Summer,




Sally Trautner


Creative Women of Pinnacle Peak

Scottsdale, AZ